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"...favorite commercial rub, hands-down,
is Knox's Spice Company
Chipotle B-B-Q Dry Rub"

Dave DeWitt - The ope of Peppers, Cookbook Author


Knox's Chipotle BBQ
Dry Rub Meat Seasoning:

Chipotle peppers: Pronounced: chee-POT-tleh. A smoked Jalapeno pepper and especially tasty as a seasoning for ribs.

Chipotle peppers date back prior to the Aztec reign in Mexico. The smoking preparation for a Jalapeno pepper was used to preserve the pepper for later use and in turn flavored them with a nice smoky flavor. Jalapeno peppers with their thick skin are prone to rot when sun drying was used to preserve them. The Aztec culture would smoke the peppers over heat to dry the Jalapeno's quickly, avoiding rot, and enabling them to preserve the Chipotle pepper for longer term storage. Probably adapted from techniques they used to preserve meat. Smoked peppers on meat makes Knox's Chipotle BBQ a very tasty rib seasoning as well as excellent on many other grill treats such as burgers, briskets and loins.

There are two basic varieties of Chipotle peppers available, Brown Chipotle (Chili Ahumado) and Morita. What we consider to be our favorite Chipotle pepper is the Brown Chipotle. They have an intense smoky aroma and retain the Jalapeno heat. Larger in size than the Morita with a reddish brown color and strong smoky smell that makes most Chef's and beginners smile.

The Morita variety of the Chipotle is smaller in size. Some consider this to be the inferior Chipotle but we prefer to think of it as the different chipotle. Still very flavorful, Morita chili's are sometimes half the size of the Brown Chipotle. Morita chili's are dark in color, ranging from dark purple to black. They have less of a smoky flavor because they are smoked for less time but all the fire you could expect from a Jalapeno.

All natural chipotle dry rub seasoning. BBQ seasoning for chicken, beef and pork.
Chipotle BBQ

Knox's gourmet Chipotle BBQ dry rub seasoning is an excellent spice blend for anything you want to have a spicy bite accompanied by rich smoky aroma. From ribs to whole chicken to briskets to popcorn. Our Chipotle BBQ dry rub adds Southwestern flavor with Chipotle (smoked jalapeno peppers) and Guajillo peppers from New Mexico, smoked Paprika from Spain and other quality herbs and spices blended perfectly to balance the heat with sweet tasty flavor. This is not a novelty dry rub but a serious spice blend for the true rub lover. An excellent gourmet chipotle seasoning with multiple uses. Also available in gift baskets and gift sets, click here.

How to use Knox's Chipotle dry rub

Open. Sprinkle Knox's Chipotle BBQ dry rub seasoning over meat and massage evenly into surface with your hands. Rubbing infuses the flavors directly into the surface. You could drizzle a small amount of olive oil or melted butter to aid in evenly rubbing your meal. If you like to keep your hands out of it, place meat in a zip lock bag. Sprinkle rub into bag and rub from outside the bag.

Dry rubs can be applied several hours before grilling and refrigerated until ready to use or directly before barbecuing.

If you would prefer to marinade your chicken, beef, pork or fish, our dry rub is perfect for making a quick and easy marinade. Mixing with citrus makes an exotic marinade. Orange, lemon, lime or even water, vinegar and olive oil.

Below are some of our favorite wet/marinade recipes.

Chipotle and Citrus marinade

• 2 Tablespoons or more, Knox's Chipotle BBQ dry rub
• 2 cups of orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit juice.

You may use any combination of citrus you like. Personal favorite, 50% orange juice – 50% lime juice. Mix citrus juice and Chipotle BBQ dry rub together in a bowl. Pour over chicken or pork 3 hours before cooking. Keep refrigerated while marinating. Place dry rub marinade in a zip lock bag to provide easy clean up.

Chipotle Citrus glaze
You can make an additional glaze out of remaining marinade.

• Remaining marinade
• 1/4 cup water or salt free chicken stock
• 1 Tablespoon corn starch or arrow root.

Pour remaining marinade in a sauce pan and bring to a rolling boil for approximately 5 or 6 minutes. Reduce heat to a simmer. Mix together water and corn starch and pour into simmering marinade. Stir constantly and return to a simmer fro a minute. Pour into a bowl and use as a glaze for chicken. Brush on chicken 5 minutes before removing from grill.

Oil or Butter Wet Rub
Mixing with oil or melted butter is an excellent way to wet rub a brisket or steak.

• 1/2 stick melted butter or 1/4 cup olive oil
• 2 Tablespoon Knox's Chipotle BBQ dry rub

If you use butter, make sure butter is melted but not hot.

Mix together melted butter or oil and the dry rub. Spoon over steak, chicken or pork and rub into surface or place contents in a zip lock bag and massage.

BBQ or grill immediately or place in refrigerator until ready to cook.

Knox's Chipotle BBQ dry rub can also be used to spice up mashed or baked potatoes. Sprinkle into baked beans to give them a South Western flair or on buttered popcorn for a personal fiesta.

Chipotle Fried Chicken

Add Knox's gourmet Chipotle BBQ dry rub to flour to make a smoky, spicy, fried chicken.

A brief history of BBQ and dry rubs

When Columbus reached the Americas (term used loosely) he found that the native cultures were slow cooking meat on racks over hot coals. They called it 'BARBACOA'. Who called it? Who Knows. This and every possible combination of fact and fiction make up the history of barbecue. We know that people have been cooking meat since it was discovered to be tasty and have been flavoring it just as long. Dry rub meat seasonings can be found in most cultures as a way to season and flavor domestic and game animals. That's about it, believe what you want, eat what you like.

Balancing flavor and aroma for a perfect Chipotle BBQ dry rub

Knox's Spice Company uses brown Chipotle peppers from New Mexico as well as other quality herbs and spices to create the flavor and balance in our Chipotle BBQ rub. To add depth to the chili flavor we complimented the Chipotle's smoky heat with Guajillo (gwa-HEE-yoh) peppers. They are not spicy but have a rich pepper taste and dark color. Enhancing the spice with great flavor.

Guajillo Peppers are commonly grown in Mexico and are milder that the Chipotle. They have a deep pepper flavor and are dark red. Blending of the Chipotle and Guajillo peppers with fine Spanish smoked paprika are the base of our BBQ flavor. Using Korinje cinnamon, savory, thyme and other prized aromatics, we tie together our Chipotle BBQ dry rub with a little sea salt. Our intensely flavorful Chipotle dry rub is balanced to create a traditional depth of BBQ flavor with a pleasant smoky aroma.

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