Unique BBQ gift baskets and gift sets. Seasonings, dry rub for bbq and poster art.
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Unique Gift Baskets and
Gift Sets for BBQ
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Unique BBQ Gift Baskets and Gift Sets.

BBQ gift baskets for any occasion from simple to fancy but all containing tasty Knox's bbq seasonings. Knox's Spice Company gift baskets are quality gifts for the special individuals in your life who love their grill and or smoker or just like to cook. Each bbq gift basket comes with a personalized card and recipes. Looking for culinary poster art? We have that too. Visit our Spice Co Stuff page for posters and a cookbook.

bbq dry rub spice seasonings gift set with grilling planks, red apron, and recipes
"Tasty Grilling Planks"
Gift Set


Only available at Knox's Spice Co. and select gourmet outlets listed on our "buy local" page.

Do you know someone who loves their grill or just loves cooking?

Do you know someone who prefer steak, ribs and brisket to snacks?

Do you know someone who would use an empty gift basket to light their grill?

Do you know someone who smells like hickory smoke?

Do you know someone who deserves a gift basket?

If so, we have BBQ gift baskets perfect for them. Our dry rubs are 100% natural with no fillers or coloring agents. These dry rub meat seasonings are what we use to make great BBQ as well as many delicious side dishes. BBQ seasonings that capture a region or are made just for specific cuts of meat. These regional and specialty BBQ seasonings make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Tuesday, housewarming or just to say you appreciate someone.


Combine all that flavor with a couple pounds of beef, chicken, pork, fish or game and you will have fond memories of some truly excellent eating.

Their stomach will growl thinking of the possibilities. This is no ordinary food gift but a gift of flavor. Quality ingredients, quality products and love make Knox's Spice Co's gifts a unique gift worth giving. A sure sign that someone really likes you. :-)

Gift baskets for people who love to grill and cook. Great gift baskets for grillers, outdoors men and tailgaters. Also makes a memorable house warming, Valentine, Father's Day, going away, welcome back, happy summer, get well gift baskets for men or whatever occasion you may need to BBQ something gifts.

Gift Baskets only ship within the continental United States. A card is included free of charge as well as recipes. Make sure to type in what you would like to say when ordering. Enjoy!

bbq seasoning gift box
seasonings gift box, Open

Gift box extras


"Knox Bro's Brand
Commemorative Gift Box"

Commemorating Tim Knox with the Knox Bro's unique regional and specialty flagship seasonings. Delicious and brightly packaged specialty and regional seasonings. Excellent gift for cooking enthusiasts, BBQ grill masters and food lovers alike.

The Knox Bro's gift box is a unique gift for men, women or any seasoning or cooking enthusiast. The gift box contains;

  • Kabob seasoning for a Mediterranean middle eastern flavor. Excellent on lamb as well as chicken, beef and pork.
  • Mexican style Sabroso seasoning for an authentic south of the border taste.
  • A tasty and slightly spicy Caribbean style seasoning, Carib-b-q. Island flavor in a jar. Let's not forget our first non cooking seasoning
  • Tasty Treat Fruit seasoning. A dessert seasoning when sprinkled onto fresh fruit, traditionally mango and pineapple but delicious on any sweet fruit. The tart and spicy flavors are an excellent compliment to sweet fruit. Tasty treat indeed. Enjoy!

A great gift for the gourmet, BBQ grill master or foodie in your life. Our artisan set of seasonings comes in a hand silk screened box designed by Bryan Knox, accompanied with a decorative information sheet describing the seasonings and a gift card. (Please remember to submit card information at checkout.)

Gift Box Includes:

Knox Bro's. Brand Gift Box $34.99


bbq gift baskets

recipes and card included

"Spice of Life"
BBQ Gift Basket

All 4 Knox's Spice Co's dry rub BBQ seasonings and 4 Knox Bro's. regional and specialty seasonings all arranged in a reusable decorative BBQ gift basket. A unique gift for the person who enjoys cooking. (More)

Personalized card and recipes supplied.

Gift basket includes:

  • Chipotle BBQ (5oz)
  • Jamaican Jerk (5oz)
  • Yummy Chicken (4oz)
  • Cracked Pepper (5oz)
  • Caribbean style seasoning (2oz)
  • Sabroso Mexican style seasoning (2oz)
  • Middle Eastern Kabob seasoning(2oz)
  • S. American Fruit Seasoning (2oz)
  • Wood Juicer (for making marinades)
  • Candy
  • Recipes
  • Personalized Gift Card
  • Sea grass Basket

"Spice of Life" Gift Basket $54.95


herb and spice seasoning gift crate
Gift crate for BBQ and grilling, back


"Gift Crate"

Our four Knox's Spice Co grilling seasonings crated up complete with a handle. An attractive hand made crate with seasoning labels visible through the front. The back has a paper label attached with descriptions of the BBQ seasonings.

Our meat seasonings are excellent for flavoring chicken, pork, beef and fish but also handy for dressings, gravies and vegetable dishes.

The crate is hand made in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia exclusively for Knox's Spice Co. An authentic and unique gift for anybody who enjoys quality seasonings for cooking.


  • Yummy Chicken, chicken seasoning
  • Jamaican Jerk meat seasoning
  • Cracked Pepper beef seasoning
  • Chipotle BBQ, smoky BBQ seasoning
  • Ships with Recipes and Gift Card
Knox's Gift Crate

BBQ grilling planks gift with dry rub seasonings and apron

"Tasty Grilling Planks BBQ Gift Set"

Plank cooking survival kit gift set. A unique gift for individuals who love the extra flavor plank cooking provides. The grilling planks gift set includes our 4 dry rubs (Chipotle BBQ, Cracked Pepper, Jamaican Jerk & Yummy Chicken), a heavy duty red apron and 2 cedar grilling planks. Personalized card and recipes supplied.

Plank grilling is a great way to BBQ anything from fish to pork shops and this gift set gives you a great start. Grilling planks allow the meat to not only have the flavor of the seasoning but a mild flavor of the wood making a delicious gift for a unique BBQ or grilling experience.

Gift set includes:

  • Knox's Yummy Chicken (4oz)
  • Knox's Jamaican Jerk (5oz)
  • Knox's Chipotle BBQ (5oz)
  • Knox's Cracked Pepper (5oz)
  • Heavy Duty Red Apron
  • 2 Cedar Grilling Planks
  • Ships with Recipes & Card

recipes and card included

Tasty Grilling Planks BBQ Gift $45.95



bbq gift basket, 4 dry rubs (seasonings), kitchen towel and hickory chips

recipes and card included

"The Original"

Dry Rubs & Hickory Chips
BBQ Gift Basket

Our original gift basket and our best selling. Give the gift of big BBQ flavor. All 4 Knox's Spice Co's regional and specialty seasoning rubs; Yummy Chicken (chicken seasoning), Chipotle BBQ (southwest seasoning), Cracked Pepper (beef blend) and Jamaican Jerk (for all things island). The dry rub seasonings are carefully arranged in a towel lined basket and packed with Ozark hickory chips., shrink wrapped and tied with a red cord, pictured below. Our original BBQ gift. All you need is a fire and something to BBQ.

Personalized card and recipes supplied. Like a spice cabinet in a basket.

Gift basket includes:

  • Knox's Jamaican Jerk dry rub
  • Knox's Chipotle BBQ dry rub
  • Knox's Cracked Pepper dry rub
  • Knox's Yummy Chicken dry rub
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Ozark Hickory Chips
  • Ships with Recipes & Card

Bbq dry rub seasonings gift basket

The Original $34.95




"The BBQ Gift Basket"

Possibly the smallest and most unique of all gift baskets as that it is not mostly basket. No extra fluff here, our 4 BBQ dry rubs (Chipotle BBQ, Cracked Pepper, Jamaican Jerk & Yummy Chicken) in our branded wood basket. A gift in a basket as it should be. A great gift for the BBQ grill master in your life. They will love the all natural gourmet regional and specialty seasonings and think of you every time the open one up. Makes a great stocking stuffer too. Personalized card supplied. More>

Gift basket includes:

  • Knox's Yummy Chicken
  • Knox's Chipotle BBQ
  • Knox's Jamaican Jerk
  • Knox's Cracked Pepper
  • Fitted Gift Basket
  • Ships with recipes and Card

bbq recipes and card included

The BBQ Gift Basket $27.50


Unique BBQ gift basket




dry rubs, bbq seasonings, gift set

"The BBQ Gift Set"

The gift of flavor. A solid 1lb 3 ounces of all natural gourmet BBQ dry rub in an attractive gift set. Our gift set includes all 4 Knox's Spice Co. BBQ dry rubs (Chipotle BBQ, Cracked Pepper, Jamaican Jerk & Yummy Chicken) in our attractive gift set.

Great gift for birthdays, housewarming or friendship. Guys and the ladies who love to BBQ and grill would love this gift of gourmet dry rub seasonings. More>

Personalized card supplied.

Gift set includes:

  • Knox's 5oz Jamaican Jerk
  • Knox's 5oz Chipotle BBQ
  • Knox's 5oz Cracked Pepper
  • Knox's 4oz Yummy Chicken
  • Decorative Band
  • Ships with Recipes & Card

gift set extras, recipes and card included

The BBQ Gift Set $27.95





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