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BBQ Gift Set! Light the grill!
Made in USA
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BBQ Seasoning
Gift Set

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Knox's Gift Set is great gift for the individual who enjoys BBQ and grilling. Over one pound of great seasoning flavor for chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetables. Seasonings can be used for grilling and BBQ to season, or as a dry rub, or finishing seasoning.


  • Knox's Jamaican Jerk
  • Knox's Chipotle BBQ
  • Knox's Cracked Pepper
  • Knox's Yummy Chicken
  • Recipes
The BBQ Gift Set $27.95


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All 4 Knox's Spice Co's original dry rubs in a spice gift set that is solid flavor.
The set includes;

Chipotle BBQ dry rub seasoning, our tribute to the Southwest. A smoky slightly sweet and spicy dry rub seasoning is tasty on pork, beef and chicken. Excellent on slow cooked and grilled meat.

Jamaican Jerk seasoning blended for flavor not heat. You can add your own heat. A complex blend of traditional jerk herbs and spices excellent on all grilled or barbecued meat.

Cracked Pepper dry rub seasoning but not your average cracked pepper. An earthy spicy blend of cracked pepper and other herbs and spices blended to compliment beef. Can be used a s a table condiment for salads and potatoes as well.

• Last but certainly not the least, Yummy Chicken dry rub seasoning. Made of all things that make chicken yummy. Great all purpose blend as well.

• Ships with recipes and a gift card.

Excellent stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for the BBQ or grilling enthusiast. Unique house warming gift, employee appreciation or birthday gift. A tasty spice gift set for the gourmet or foodie who thinks they have everything. Our quality all natural seasonings are sure to please. Useful for a wide range of recipes. From the meat they were created to season to vegetable sides and sauces. Personalized card and recipes supplied. If sending as a gift please remember to include the card information you wish to include.



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