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Knox Bro's Regional & Specialty
Seasoning Gift Box.
Made in USA
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Decorative Seasoning Gift Box

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Box open with seasonings gift set
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Knox Bro's Brand
Seasoning Gift Box

All four Knox Brothers regional seasonings. Each as tasty as the next.

Kabob seasoning for a mediterranean-middle eastern flavor. Excellent on lamb as well as chicken, beef and pork. Mexican style Sabroso seasoning for an authentic south of the border taste. A tasty and slightly spicy Caribbean style seasoning. Island flavor in a jar. And our Tasty Treat Fruit Seasoning, a dessert seasoning. Dress up fresh sliced fruit with our slightly spicy and tart seasoning to bring out the natural sweet flavor in fruit. All in all a flavor parade.

A great gift for individuals who enjoy international flavors. Our artisan set of seasonings comes in a hand silk screened box designed by Bryan Knox and is accompanied with a decorative information sheet describing the seasonings. Gift card also supplied. (Please remember to submit card information at checkout.)

Below: Information sheet and gift card

Gift card and seasonings information sheet

Gift Box Includes:

Knox Bro's. Brand Gift Box $34.99



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