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Dry Rub Seasonings Recipes

There are many ways to use Knox's dry rub bbq seasonings. Created for flavoring meats but tasty enough for vegetables, sauces, soups and various other forms of BBQ or kitchen cooking. You will find food recipes in this section that use our dry rub and some that do not. And you will find spice blend recipes to make yourself. Suggestions and recipes have been sent to us by our family and friends who use our blends. We had to divide them into sections, below.

You may have a question someone else does not ask. We appreciate receiving recipes created with our dry rub seasonings or any input or suggestions you may have. Thanks and enjoy.

Chicken: General information and recipes, how to cook chicken (whole, breast, thigh, leg, wing) on the grill or in the oven. Recipes, Cooking times, temperatures and techniques. (more...)

Pork: General information and recipes: cooking specific cuts of pork such as pork chops, pork tenderloin, pork roasts and more. There is an overview of making a BBQ pit as well as pulled pork. (more...)

Beef: Chipotle BBQ Hamburgers , Mini BBQ Weenies, Tequila Fajita

Game: Spiced Venison Burgers

Vegetables: Ways to cook vegetables including recipes. (Stuffed mushrooms, more...)

Condiments, Common Spice Blends & Misc.: Various recipes we think are very tasty and worth sharing. (sauces etc.)

Beef and Pork Cooking Times and Temperatures

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