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"...favorite commercial rub, hands-down is
Knox's Spice Company Chipotle B-B-Q Dry Rub"

Dave DeWitt - Chicago Sun Times,
Cookbook Author and publisher of
Fiery Foods and BBQ Magazine


The Meat

Eat Chicken:

Pork Be Inspired:

Exotic Meat & More:

No Name Steaks

Blackwing Quality Meats
Producers of organic and all-natural red meat and free-range poultry.

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BBQ Supplies

The Tool Wizard - BBQ Tools
Cutlery, food prep, camping, BBQ tools and grill accessories for the BBQ Chef.

Iron Pig BBQ,Competition Cooking Team. Maverick Thermometer and Forshner Knife sales.


The Resources

The BBQ Central
If you have BBQ questions chances are that someone in this forum can help.

The BBQ Brethren
Recipes, Product Reviews and all things BBQ!

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dry rub, bbq rubs, bbq gift baskets
dry rub, bbq gift baskets

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