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Received a gift basket for Christmas and just used the Chipotle BBQ dry rub on pork ribs. Fantastic! Thought I would send a not as I am not easily impressed. Look forward to using the rest of them.

Ben K.
Henderson, N.C.
January 25, 2019

The Real Deal! Had to look you guys up after getting a gift crate. Hardly want to open it because it is so cool looking. Will be back next time I need to gift someone.

Jimmy S.
New York, N.Y.
July 22, 2018

I got the big thanks you guys deserve for your gift basket. I will also get all the tasty Q that is to come. Now I am felling guilty, not really :-) Thank you for your excellent seasonings.

B. Morrison
Charlotte, NC
May 12, 2017

Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your excellent gifts. The gift crate was a huge success with my husband. He was going to use the crate to start the smoker but I wanted to keep it. Thanks again.

Jess G.
Belleair Bluffs, FL
December 14, 2016

Check this out, I work with a guy from (originally) Kingston, Jamaica (I can barely understand him half the time). I gave him some of your jerk seasoning. I told him I wanted to know what he thought. He tried on a couple things...including venison! He loved it and said it was the most authentic blend he's had other than those from home.Also said how hard it is to find good spices here versus home and that your rub had tons of freshness, I mentioned your other seasonings and showed him your Facebook page...

"You know dat dude? Truth? Dat bumbaclot white boy know his shit mon".

Scott G.
Fairfax, VT
April 24, 2016

Received a wonderful thank you gift from a friend. When we cooked with them the true gift was revealed. Thank you for your excellent seasonings!

Charles K.,
Caratunk, Maine
November 4, 2015

Nicely done! Steaks were great! The cracked pepper dry rub is the best. Cannot wait to make burger with it.

Jeff S.,
Caratunk, Maine
September 2, 2015

THANK YOU! The tastiest gift at the housewarming and used that day! Smiles all around. Thanks again!

Suzie B.,
Johnsonville, South Carolina
August 19, 2015

The Knox Bros Mexican Taco Seasoning is perfect! Mr. Knox you will need to package this in 16ozs! Less is More and you nailed it with yer blend of just 9. Wow...burp, wow! Loved it!!!!

Mike H.,
Agnewville, Virginia
Sept. 3, 2014

Used the Taco seasoning and it was GREAT thanks again.

B.B., New Jersey
Sept. 1, 2014

Though it is unfortunate for the delay, I am absolutely floored by you and your company's commitment to customer service. I have only ordered from you once before, but you just made me a loyal Knox Co. customer for LIFE. (And I will continue advertising by word of mouth-- your products are excellent!)

Thank you so much,
Mallorie H.,Conyers, GA
Nov. 20, 2013

Thank you for having great rubs They arrived today cant wait to use them. I love the Chipotle I use it on my ribs, pork loin and my Boston butt for pulled pork (which I get high praise for). We used the Yummy chicken for the first time and it was also great.

Bob B., Florence, NJ
July 12, 2013

You, Sir, are very kind and considerate. You have exceeded my expectations, your products are outstanding!! Thank you so kindly for all you do.

With a smile,
Anika L., Rochester, NY
May 29, 2013

I can’t wait to use the cracked pepper rub I just reordered! I love that flavor especially covered on a big juicy filet mignon. My kids love spicy flavors, which is surprising considering what picky eaters they are. They loved the Barabicu on their hamburgers.

Dena G., Cincinnati, OH
May 18, 2013

Knox makes the Best Seasonings for sure!

Mike H., Lake Bridge, Va
May 2, 2013

Your Chipotle Bar B Que rub is the best. Thanks for a superior product.

Phillip J., Olivehurst, CA
March 31, 2013

My favorite seasonings PERIOD.

Marcus R.
Feb. 15, 2013

Thanks to the Knox family for the spices and fruit topping....Very Good.

Mary G.
Oct. 15, 2012


Delicious Dry Rubs and Seasonings from Knox’s Spice Co.!
A review by Jenelle Hill at Two Classy Chics Mom Blog.

Sept. 26, 2012


YOU SIR are the BEST!

Richard W, Burlington, NJ
July, 2012


I received all items today in tact with recipes. Thank you for the fast shipping. I have already used the cracked pepper on our yummy steak today, and wouldn't have it any other way, thanks to all your great products with spices. Thanks again.

Maria B., Visalia, CA
Feb. 2012


The 'Q' Review posts 'Best of 2011" Knox's Yummy Chicken listed in 3 categories; Best Overall Product, Best Overall Seasoning, Best Spice Rub (non-bbq).

The Q Review
Dec. 2011

"Combined with the mayo, the chipotle spice was phenomenal. I could put that stuff on just about anything."

The Q Review.com
Sept. 2011

"I used the Yummy Chicken rub on homemade chicken and noodles this week. It was excellent...and very aromatic. I'm looking forward to using it on whole smoked chicken soon."

Sept. 1, 2011
D. Garcia


Artical about Knox's seaonings in GRILLEN Fur Geniesser (click here). A publication in Germany. We have no idea what it says but thought it was a nice picture.

July, 2011


"Your Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub is phenomenal! Used on it a couple NY Strip Steaks that I grilled up for dinner the other day and the flavors from the rub were delicious. The rub complemented the beef perfectly. My new favorite!"

Eric P.
July 7, 2011

Yummy Chicken: "This stuff is ridiculously GREAT, not good, but GREAT. ABSOLUTELY the best combination of spices, salt and herbs for poultry. I cooked some on chicken strips the other day in a pan with some olive oil for sandwiches for....." (visit BBQ Central)

Larry W.
BBQ Central Forum
Jan, 2011

Right after my last order I was in need of a small gift for a dear friend who shares a little of the passion for good Q. This is a really good friend so I decided to part with a bottle of Yummy Chicken and it was a hit. My friend has since given me several raving cook reports. Your rubs are the highest quality seasonings I have come across and I can tell you have put a lot of effort into developing them. Thank you!

Paul Ostrom
The Pickled Pig BBQ Team

Some like it hot: DRAFT BBQ extravaganza

Knox Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub (DRAFT favorite)
The most fragrant rub we tried, this jerk version emits a hunger-inducing aroma of Jamaican allspice, cinnamon, clove, and mace. “There’s a lot of depth, but the spices aren’t overpowering,” said one tester. “It’s good for the grill, but I could also use this on a holiday roast.”
Buy it: https://www.knoxspice.com

Knox Chipotle BBQ
This super-fragrant rub exudes a tasty Teriyaki essence; it lends a subtle sweetness to pork, chicken, and beef — with a spot-on spicy kick at the end. The heat lingers and builds throughout a meal, but never becomes fire-alarm overwhelming.

Knox Cracked Pepper
Chunky with big hunks of cracked black pepper (and some sea salt, toasted garlic, onion, oregano, caraway, and cayenne for good measure), this wasn’t our favorite BBQ rub, but it’s hands-down delicious on skirt steak or a T-bone.

DRAFT Magazine/DRAFTmag.com
July 22, 2009

The name says it all. That was some yummy chicken. My wife (who never likes leftover chicken) said it was just as good the next day when we ate more.

Flavor is good and well balanced. No one flavor stands out in front of the rest. Best of all, the sodium wasn't that high per serving. I'll be getting some more of this.

C. Finney
Wilson, NC



After years of trying different "store bought" Rubs I have found one company I find very satisfying. Knox Spice Company products and unit sizes are perfect for backyard and even professional cookers. They use all natural ingredients and like I said for a commercial product they are top notch.

Mike Hedrick - Pit Pirate Barbeque Team



You have great products...I am certainly pleased with them!

Many Thanks!
Nov. 2008



Knox makes some really good dry rubs, cracked pepper is my favorite

~bobfxd Feb 24, 2008


I know its been a little while since I posted this, but I hadn't forgotten. I went ahead and ordered all three of the rubs; Chipotle BBQ Rub, Jamaican Jerk, and Cracked Pepper BBQ Rub.

They were packed great..and all of the orders are shipped 3 day Priority Mail. I ordered on a friday, and they were on my doorstep the following Monday.

I havent tried the Cracked Pepper yet, but I have tried the Jamaican Jerk (repeatedly I might add) and the Chipotle Rub.

Adding the Jamaican to things like Steak..wow great flavor, and something very unique. The Chipotle rub, is definatly hot, adds a nice kick to my ribs and my pulled pork.

For everybody that's lookin to try somethin different I would definatly give Knox's Dry Rubs a Try!!!

Smokin' up the Central Bluegrass!
Ky Blue BBQ
Catering & Vending
Georgetown, Ky
October, 2007

The rubs have arrived safely and in good shape. Loved the aroma from the box when I opened it and as a result of this I lost a couple of boxes to friends who were here! I was going to wait while tomorrow to try the BBQ rub, but I couldn't resist. I acquired a skirt steak from a high quality butcher. I mixed a little of the rub with a couple of Tbspns of olive oil and left it for 4 hours to marinate. I cooked it on my weber with some oak wood and it was absolutely superb. I made a few steaks as I was trying out other different products, and I can safely say it was the tastiest steak on the BBQ. So many thanks!

-Matt Gill
September, 2007

I received the rubs and have tried them out a couple of times. They are great! The marinade on your website using chipotle rub and orange juice, is great for chicken.

Colin Knowles
April, 2007

"Just wanted to compliment you on your product and service. You never know what to expect when ordering on line but this item exceeded my expectations and makes a great gift!!! I'm really excited to give it to the intended recipient. Also, the quality of your service was GREAT! I have been ordering this season from other companies on line and have not had good experiences with some of them. Your service was quick and it was packaged really well. Thanks for being so considerate!"

Mary Beth
North Tonawanda
New York
November, 2006

"My personal recommendations are
Knox's Chipotle B-B-Q Dry Rub...

Chicago Sun Times
April, 2006

"...favorite commercial rub, hands-down,
is Knox's Spice Company Chipotle B-B-Q Dry Rub"

Dave DeWitt, Pope Of Peppers
Chicago Sun Times, Sept. 2005
Cookbook Author and publisher of
Fiery Foods and BBQ Magazine


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