How to cook fried chicken, traditional fried chicken recipe
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Fried Chicken Recipe
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Chicken / How to cook fried chicken

Fried chicken has been a southern delicacy as long as we can remember. The art of crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside fried chicken is easy with a few simple rules. Follow the directions below and read our recommendations (below) for variations to a Southern classic.

Knox's Spiced Traditional Southern Fried Chicken

Place chicken pieces in a large glass or ceramic bowl. Mix together buttermilk and mustard and pour over chicken. Cover and place in your refrigerator for at least three hours, tossing once. This can also be done the day before.

Mix together flour and seasoning.

Remove chicken pieces from the buttermilk mixture and roll in seasoned flour. Shake off the extra flour and place chicken pieces on a plate. Not touching is preferred.

In a cast iron skillet melt enough Crisco to fill the skillet 1/3 full. Total depth of Crisco should be at least 1/2 of the height of your largest chicken piece laying down. Heat to medium.

Without crowding the chicken pieces, carefully add prepared chicken to the hot Crisco. Allowing room around each piece will allow the chicken to cook evenly. Also make sure the Crisco is not to hot as the outside will be done before the inside is cooked.

Turn pieces only once during cooking. When the chicken is golden brown and crispy it is done. You should test one piece by cutting into it with a knife. If juices run clear, the chicken is done.

Remove chicken from skillet and place on paper towels or napkins before to absorb any oil before serving.

Recommendations for frying chicken

  • We recommend Crisco but vegetable oil can be used as well.
  • If you can not fit the chicken in the pan with out crowding , cook fried chicken in batches.
  • Add crushed cornflakes to the flour for extra crunch.

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