Pork cooking temerature
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Pork Cooking Temperature
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/ Pork cooking temperature

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Note: August 2011, USDA Lowers Pork's Minimum Cooking Temperature To 145 °F

With infinite ways to prepare pork we can only make recommendations for pork cooking temperatures. There are three rules of thumb to aid in preparing pork safely. If you follow these rules when preparing your meal your chances of being successful are greatly enhanced. The U.S. Government states that pork should be 145 degree F. to be considered 'done'. This is when harmful bacteria that has possibly come in contact with your pork is no longer harmful.

Pork cooking temperature Rule #1

Mainly for roast or thicker cuts of meat. 30 minutes per pound when cooking in approximately a 350 degree F. environment.

Pork cooking temperature Rule #2

Internal temperature for pork, no matter how long it takes, should be at least 145 degrees F. This happens faster with thin cuts of meat are cooked with high temperature and slower with thicker cuts of meat using lower temperature.

Pork cooking temperature Rule #3

Buy a meat thermometer. This will save you a lot of grief. Some people will slice into pork to see if it is done. This releases liquids in the pork that make the pork more succulent. A meat thermometer makes a tiny hole so loss of moisture is greatly reduced. A meat thermometer makes estimating the time your pork will be done easier with out releasing liquids or de-facing your dinner.

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