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Meat Thermometers
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Pork / Meat thermometers are your friend!

In the early days of BBQ individuals knew when pork was done because the cooked all the time and had an innate feeling for cooking. If you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran we would recommend purchasing a decent meat thermometer. Meat thermometers take the guesswork out of barbecuing. Using a meat thermometer also allows you to better gauge how much more time you need to cook pork before it is done.

Many times individuals will slice into meat to check if it is done. This should never be done, ever. Slicing into cooking meat releases liquid form the meat and causing dry, less flavorful, maybe ever tough meat. A meat thermometer will only make a small puncture, greatly reducing any moisture loss.

With a meat thermometer and the knowledge of letting meat rest before serving are two very important points. Meat thermometers allow you to know exactly when the meat is done so you never over cook it. Letting meat rest allows temperature and moisture to evenly distribute through the meat so it is moist and tender throughout.

Meat that is done cooking but is not allowed to rest will release the liquids as it is warmer on the outside than the inside. The time you took not to mention the money spent on a nice brisket or loin will be for not. Allowing it to rest allows the meat to have an even temperature throughout with equal pressure so when you slice it it will be moist and wonderful.

As you have better and better barbecuing and grilling experiences you may come to rely on a meat thermometer less and less. It is strongly recommended for use before removing the pork from the grill, smoker or oven to make sure it is done and to prevent over cooking or under cooking.

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