Tasty potato seasoning too.
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Easy Tasty Potatoes
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Vegetables / Easy, Tasty Potatoes

Ranch Popcorn Seasoning
Ranch Popcorn Seasoning

More of a good idea than a potato recipe, but worth mentioning.

We think most people enjoy potatoes. Baked, boiled, whipped, mashed or fried, especially with a steak, burger, grilled chicken or just the potatoes. And who doesn't like to make them super tasty with butter and some pepper or other seasoning.

With Knox Bro's. Ranch Popcorn seasoning you can make a potato a tasty treat with the shake of a bottle, easy. Although made for popcorn, potatoes are easily made into a gourmet treat. Just shake onto your potatoes to add the fresh herb and smooth buttermilk ranch flavor.

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