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Dry Rub Meat Seasonings
Makes Tasty BBQ & Grilled Meat Easy.

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Dry Rub & BBQ Seasonings

Knox's regional and specialty dry rubs and seasonings are blended for big authentic flavor and only contain all natural ingredients. Great seasoning for BBQ, grilling, baking, frying and roasting. Our seasoning blends contain no MSG, artificial ingredients or coloring agents. See our recipe section for other uses for our blends. Give the gift of flavor to loved ones with our assortment of gift baskets.

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Knox Bro's. Brand gourmet specialty and regional seasonings.

The Knox Bro's. Brand was created to commemorate Tim Knox and his passion for specialty and regional flavors. All four seasonings are currently available in a gift box (Kabob middle eastern market style , Sabroso Mexican style , Carib-b-q Caribbean style and Tasty Treat Fruit Seasoning). The regional and specialty seasonings below are crafted from recipes that are time tested from the regions they represent. Full flavor and all natural.

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Chipotle BBQ dry rub meat seasoning

All natural chipotle dry rub seasoning. BBQ seasoning for chicken, beef and pork.
Chipotle BBQ

Tasty BBQ seasonings make great barbecue easy! Our Chipotle BBQ is smoky, sweet and slightly spicy. The flavors and aromas of traditional BBQ style cooking. Knox's Chipotle BBQ dry rub seasoning is instant barbecue in a jar. Excellent for adding traditional flavor to ribs, skirt steak, hamburgers, grilled chicken, pork steaks to name a few. Great for grilling, baking, pan frying or adding a south western flair to just about anything. Our barbecue meat seasonings are all natural and gluten free.

dry rubbed, barbecued, smoked pork ribsA perfect blend of smoked Jalapeno (Chipotle) and Guajillo peppers, turbinado sugar, smoked paprika and other herbs and spices create fantastic flavor and aroma in our Chipotle BBQ seasoning. Mix with oil and citrus juice (orange, lemon, lime or a combination) for an exotic marinade. Low salt ratio allows you to use our blend creatively without a salty taste. OR add salt to enhance the already bold flavors.

No additives, No MSG, No anti-clogging agents, No fillers and naturally gluten free. Like all of our meat seasonings. Pure flavor and aroma that compliment choice cuts of meat.

Makes a great gift for a housewarming, birthday, father's day, gift basket or Christmas stocking stuffer. (Chipotle BBQ : More Information)

Jamaican Jerk BBQ dry rub seasoning

Jamaican Jerk, seasoning for fish, chicken pork and vegetables
Jamaican Jerk

Pure Jamaican delight! Excellent on fish, chicken, pork, beef, acorn and butternut squash, sweet potatoes. A concentrated blend to be used sparingly when preparing foods with delicate flavor such as shrimp, fish or vegetables. Our Jamaican Jerk seasoning is not spicy but Jamaican flavor intense, add hot pepper or cayenne powder to make it as spicy as you like.

Jamicn jerked sweet potatoesKnox's authentic Jamaican Jerk dry rub meat seasoning is created with quality Jamaican Pimento (Allspice), Thyme, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cayenne and other herbs and spices. Blended in the tradition of Jamaica's multi cultural open pit BBQ heritage. Highly aromatic and flavorful.

Mix with citrus, butter or olive oil to make wet rubs and marinades. Great on sweet potatoes, mashed, baked or grilled. Also great sprinkled over blanched green beans. (Jamaican Jerk : More Information)

  • Traditionally intense island flavor
  • Excellent tropical aroma
  • Make wet rubs and marinades
  • Great on grilled vegetables (particularly sweet potatoes and squash)
  • Excellent for grilling or smoking
  • Jerk fish, beef, pork and chicken
  • Unique stocking stuffer or as part of a gift basket
  • Available in our BBQ gift baskets

Cracked Pepper seasoning for steak

Cracked pepper BBQ dry rub spice blend for seasoning beef and pork.
Cracked Pepper
Do you love steak? Do you love pepper and herb encrusted steak? Then you will love our gourmet blend of cracked black pepper and other aromatic herbs and savory spices blended specifically for steak. A meat seasoning created to compliment beef but could quickly become a replacement for table ground pepper. Our best selling dry rub meat seasoning!

steak seasoning, beef dry rubsAdd aroma and hearty depth of flavor to quality cuts of beef next time you barbecue, grill, pan fry braise or broil. Primarily used on beef, but can be used in place of cracked pepper for fish, pork, chicken and as a condiment for salad, steamed vegetables, bacon (yes, bacon) and sauces.

The spicy bite of cracked pepper and aromatic herbs and spices will excite your senses. Rib Eye, Sirloin, Filet, Porterhouse or T-Bone all are a match made in heaven for our gourmet Cracked Pepper dry rub meat seasoning. You can also add olive oil or butter to make an excellent steak marinade.

Black peppercorn is the most widely used and possibly oldest recorded spice on the planet, but this is no ordinary dry rub seasoning. You can season a porterhouse steak or mix into hamburger to bring out the natural great taste of beef. Or sprinkle over a salad for a nice spicy herbal flavor. The earthy, spicy flavor compliments the flavor of beef but be sure to try it on anything you would use ground black pepper on.

Our Cracked Pepper dry rub will bring out the succulence, flavor and aroma naturally. Also add a gourmet flair to your soups and dressings. (Cracked Pepper : More Information, steak marinades)


Yummy Chicken BBQ seasoning

all natural gourmet chicken seasoning. Dry rub spice blend for chicken.
Yummy Chicken

All the flavors that make chicken yummy, that's why we call it "Yummy Chicken". A perfect gourmet blend of herbs and spices just for poultry. Aromatic thyme, savory, rosemary, basil and sage. The savory flavors of garlic, onion and and the slight bite of cracked black pepper. Yummy!

Winner of The Q Review Best Seasoning of the Year, 2011.

chicken seasoningChicken is an excellent source of lean protein as well as budget friendly. Our Yummy Chicken seasoning is excellent for BBQ, baking, frying or smoking. Not just for chicken, a perfect seasoning for turkey as well. You will find many uses for this dry rub blend besides chicken such as in salad dressings or on pork steaks.

Great stocking stuffer for the chicken fanatic or foodie in your life. Perfect for creating a flavorful chicken dish. If you like cooking chicken whole, cut up or boneless. If you cook in an oven or on your grill, Knox's gourmet Yummy Chicken seasoning is a flavorful addition to your recipe. Just rub on chicken before cooking and enjoy the great flavor. For more intense flavor rub on earlier. (Yummy Chicken: More Information and recipes)

  • Created just for chicken but many great uses
  • Use on oven fries or sprinkle on salad
  • Excellent multi-purpose blend (see testimonials)
  • Perfect stocking stuffer
  • Also available in our unique gift baskets



Knox Bro's. Brand Seasonings

Carib-b-q - Caribbean Style Seasoning

Caribbean meat seasoning
Carib-b-q Caribbean Stye Seasoning

If you cannot make it to the Caribbean you can at least eat like you are there. Our slightly spicy gourmet Caribbean style seasoning is a blend of paprika, annatto, basil, crushed red pepper, thyme, cayenne, salt and black pepper.

Make tasty island treats with chicken, pork, beef and fish. Enjoy Caribbean flavor anytime, enjoy Carib-b-q! (More)

  • Caribbean style spice blend
  • Season chicken, beef or pork
  • Excellent rice flavoring
  • Perfect stocking stuffer
  • Gluten Free
  • Available in our Commemorative Gift Box

Kabob - Middle Eastern Market Style Seasoning


authentic Kabob seasoning, all natural
Middle Eastern
Market Style Seasoning

Kabob, kebob or kebab, in the middle east it means to cook over an open flame, typically meat, more specifically lamb. Shish simply means stick. Shish kabob is meat on a stick cooked over and open flame. Knox Bro's. gourmet Kabob seasoning captures the flavors and aroma of the middle east, stick or no stick.

Use to season chicken, pork, lamb, beef and even cabrito (goat). Add middle eastern flavors and aroma to grilled meats easily and to your liking. A quality blend of of some of the most aromatic and flavorful spices and herbs of the region. A perfect middle eastern seasoning with the robust flavor of the region. Excellent on grilled, barbecued or baked dishes. (More)

  • Regional specialty seasoning
  • Middle Eastern/Mediterranean style spice blend
  • Use on lamb, beef, chicken or pork
  • Excellent rice flavoring
  • Perfect stocking stuffer
  • Gluten Free
  • Available in our Commemorative Gift Box

Sabroso - Mexican Style Seasoning


Mexican Seasoning
Sabroso, Mexican Style Seasoning

For the love of Mexican food we created Knox Bro's. Sabroso, Mexican style meat seasoning. Our gourmet Sabroso seasoning is a blend of cumin, ancho peppers, coriander, achiote (annatto), paprika, garlic, onion, oregano with a touch of cayenne. Excellent on meat of any kind but certainly a favorite for chicken and pork. This seasoning can be used in rice dishes, bean dishes, rice and bean dishes and in soups and sauces. (More)

  • Regional specialty seasoning
  • Mexican style spice blend
  • Use chicken, pork and beef
  • Excellent rice flavoring
  • Perfect stocking stuffer
  • Gluten Free
  • Available in our Commemorative Gift Box

Tasty Treat Fruit Seasoning- S. American Style Seasoning


Fruit seasoning
Tasty Treat
Fruit Seasoning

Knox Bros. Tasty Treat Fruit Seasoning, a unique treat for a healthy snack or meal presentation. Fruit seasonings can be found in any Spanish neighborhood grocery, salsa en polvo is what it is typically called. They are used on fresh fruit to add color and compliment the natural sweetness of the fruit.

Knox Bro's. Fruit Seasoning uses crushed sweet Aleppo peppers, Annatto, Sea Salt and Lime Juice Powder to add a tasty compliment to sweet fruits. This natural seasoning is surely a tasty treat. Just sprinkle over freshly cut fruit to turn it into a fruit treat worthy of serving as a dessert.

You will find yourself eating much more fruit and even serving fresh fruit as a snack more often as Knox Bro's. fruit seasoning makes it fun with a delicious twist. All natural and gluten free. Order yours today. (More)

  • Regional specialty seasoning
  • S. American style spice blend
  • Season Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Grape, Apple, etc
  • Available in a gift basket

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